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Foundation Programme in Health

The Foundation Programme provides a route for entry to the Masters in Chiropractic (MChiro) programme

Programme Aims and Objectives
To provide students with the basic science background that is needed to study a degree programme in Health. 

To provide an alternative route for those students who do not meet the current entry requirements for a Chiropractic degree programme.

To provide students with essential English Language and study skills, including academic writing and CV development.

To enhance students with scientific knowledge and basic concepts in the areas of:
- Human Biology   - General Science   - Clinical & Professional Practice

Course Structure and Contents
Module / Title
1 Academic English and Study Skills
2 Human Biology
3 General Science
4 Clinical and Professional Practice


Module 1:  
Academic English and Study Skills - Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate awareness of good study practice in higher education, including improvement of their research, organisational,  time management, and communication skills.
2. Develop an understanding of their individual strengths as a learner, and how these can be put to best use within higher education.
3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in written academic forms.
4. Exhibit the capacity to reflect on their own learning and recognize links between different courses of study, and between academic and broader life experiences.

Module 2:  
Human Biology - Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the roles of the main components and features of a cell to the cell’s function.
2. Demonstrate understanding of the benefits of cells combining together to form tissues with specific functions.
3. Describe the roles of organs and the interrelationships between body systems.
4. Explain the regulatory processes that govern the function of organ systems, and describe how they contribute to the functioning of the individual.
5. Describe the mechanisms of disease and basic pathological processes.

Module 3:  
General Science - Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the atomic structure of matter and explain how this relates to the periodic table,  chemical bonding and reaction processes.
2. Describe the structure and properties of major classes of organic and biochemical compounds.
3. Describe radioactive processes and the use of radiation in healthcare.
4. Explain the concepts, laws and formulae of foundation mechanics and their relevance to healthcare and introductory biomechanics.

5. Explain the basic concepts and principles of waves, electricity and magnetism and describe their application to healthcare.

Module 4:  
Clinical and Professional Practice Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key principles of professional policies framing healthcare services and multi-professional and inter-professional working.

2. Describe the role of health professionals within the wider community and how and why they work as extended teams and evaluate their role in the wellbeing of individuals.

3. Exercise initiative and personal responsibility and demon strate the ability to reflect upon their experiences and start to plan their future development.

Entry Requirements:
- 18 years or over on commencement of the programme
- Completion of Secondary 6 or equivalent 
- IELTS score of 6.0 (with no band less than 5.5)

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